Recycled Handkerchief into Make-up Pouch

Recycled Make-up Pouch

Recycled Make-up Pouch


Hello again πŸ˜€ Today I just finished one of my previous project I told you before. Remember that I wanted to make one recycle project, one remake project and two newest projects. So, I had finished one newest project and I posted it on previous post. Now, I want to show you my recycle project. Here it goes..

This was my mother’s handkerchief. Pretty isn’t it? She got it from Japan, I’m not even sure the label, it seems Kenzo or something. And it’s ripped off. I saw it and asked her to give it to me as a project. She said, “what would you do with that? It can’t be use anymore as a handkerchief.” So I told her, don’t worry, I have an idea for it. Then, she gave it to me. Hmm, many ideas to do with this. But I want to make her handkerchief to be useful for her again.

Handkerchief label

handkerchief label

I know she has lots of make-up pouches. But this will be special make-up pouch for her because it’s from her handkerchief and it’s recycled. Save money for the new pouch πŸ˜€ I added Β the pink zipper because it’s looks good with the color of the roses and yellow fabric as the lining. Nice combination, isn’t it?


Lining-Recycled make-up pouch

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