Anything Case

Ola, I post my finished project. Yeah it’s a previous projects, still it’s a case. I like to sew case. This case can be anything case, made from light brown polkadot fabric and the lining is made from blue checked fabric. I made this covered button manually as I don’t have a covered button kit like Fitria has or the easy one like Lia has. Hihi, finally I can made it 😀 and I don’t care when my sister said it wasn’t quite neat :P.  Sure I want to buy it, I saw on Artfire there’s a covered button kit with a different size of button for $3 or $2, it’s simple one look like Lia has. Hmm, I think I’ll buy it later as the shipping isn’t pricey too.

Actually I made this case to use it as a wallet.  But then I changed my mind, as I need a pencil case. So I turned into a pencil case, well just turned the function of this case, from wallet into pencil and notes case. I called it Anything Case because I can turn the function as I like :P.

Inside case

Look here’s the note, post it, pencil, pens in it. What do you think?

Anything Case

Back of the caseAs you can see the back of the case there’s a label I put. Right, that’s my label, called Kesthi, it’s a part of my name :). All of my handmade project I put it with that label. Why I made that label? That’s another story, I’ll tell you about it later 😉


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