Fabric Fabric Fabrics

Hi, how’s everybody’s doing? I just have cleaned my wardrobe. It’s not in my room, because it’s larger one and not fit in it. Do you know what I found in it beside my clothes? Yup yup yup..FABRICS..It’s still in good condition. I asked my mom who’s own the fabric, she said it’s belong to my father. So I asked her again, can I have it for my project, she said sure. I’ve found also plain fabrics white and black, I think that will be good for background :D. ย I was so happy found it and have many ideas to do. Can’t wait..can’t wait..:P

I continued to clean the wardrobe and found an old bed sheet, it’s so vintage with a rose on it, I really like it. Just needs to wash it because there’s bit a dirt on it. Suddenly I have an idea to make it as a curtain for my window and my sister’s window. So, I asked my mom again, can I use it for a curtain. At first, she seemed doesn’t give permission, so I looked at her with a begging eyes, lol :P, and she said yes. Even I know she wants to keep it because the bed sheet is a very high quality fabric. Yeah, I believe old fabric always has a good quality. You probably realize that this fabric I used as a background for my card purse picture. Yeah, you’re right, I just had a time to tell a story about this fabric today. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello Kitty Fabric

Then my journey to clean isn’t done yet, I cleaned my bookshelf, that I used to put anything in it, lol. And do you know what I found? Sure, it’s fabrics again. Seemed that day I’ve got lots of treasure ๐Ÿ˜› . It’s just piece of fabric maybe like fat quarter (haven’t measure it yet), I found two fabrics, one is red hello kitty (sorry for bad picture) and the other one is black checked fabric. ย I’m not sure there’s anyone sell hello kitty fabric anymore, ย I was so happy to have this fabric.

Lots of ideas for project on my mind, as my previous projects haven’t finished yet. I think I should have to list which one have to be done fast. Okay, see ya to my next project and thanks for visit me ๐Ÿ™‚


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