3 Zippers Batik Wallet

Hi all, how’s everybody’s going? Hope fine and happy ๐Ÿ˜€
Oh yeah, I finished this project longer than I expected, lol. Making a wallet with 3 zippers on it took time and energy. This is a wallet for my sister, SuMeong (let’s we call her like that :P). ย She said one day that she wanted to have a wallet with 3 zippers, of course she’s been looking through stores and malls, but she couldn’t find it. So, I said I think I can make it (lol, sometimes I over confident :P). She smiled and asked that she wanted the wallet to have a handle (she seems handle lover).

Wallet made from Batik

Wallet made from Batik

The project began, I made a draft or sketch or pattern (anything you can say, but I call it drawing). Made a measurement, so that the money fit in it. Bought the zippers, beads and cord for the handle. Start to cut the fabric, sew it. Then, when I wanted to added the zippers, I confused. How to attach it easily and neat? 3 weeks went by, one day when I was working on my thesis, suddenly the idea came. Ting! (That’s how sounded in my mind :P) . The adrenaline came back, so, I started to sew it again. When I finished it, I was very happy and showed it to my sister. Then she said, where’s the handle? Duh, I forgot to attach it on it. Also if I broke in it, it will ripped apart and takes time, so, I just attached it on zipper (I think I was lazy to do it again, open the stitches and so forth). Here’s the wallet. Not very good, I know, but I’m happy with it and think I can make it better next time :D.

Wallet made from Batik

Anyway, I have made three things for SuMeong which are Ipod Pouch, Little Pouch and 3 zippers Batik Wallet. I have another sister, let’s call her NahNah. I promised her to make something, three things too. Well, I will post it later. Wait and see. See ya ๐Ÿ™‚


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