Recycle Card Purse

Okay, here’s the first page 😛

I made this purse because my card purse was broken and has an old look. I wanted new and cheap one, without spending money (this is impossible, because I need to buy hard fabric for the interfacing  and short zipper). Also there a blouse of my sister’s, she gave it to me because she’s not fitted in it anymore. So, I got an idea to remake the blouse and used the sleeve to be my card purse. Perfect!

So I cut here and there, sewed it, and voila, the purse is ready… I’m very happy 🙂 I can put my driver’s license card, atm card, and all cards I have.


Recycle Card Purse



Recycle card purse


as you can see, the stitches wasn’t neatly, but this was my first sewing project after long time I didn’t sew since junior high school.


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