Happy Ramadhan!!


Happy Ramadhan for any of you who celebrate it. Almost Ied Fitri in the next 7 days. πŸ™‚

Wow, it’s been long time I haven’t update this blog. I really want to update, even with my new job after I graduated. But well, every time I want to start or continue my project, I already tired from work. Huh, I hated it. My work even not that busy, but maybe because this is the first time I go to work and requires a lot of time to go and back home, it makes me tired. Then I have an idea, why not make simple and easy project each month, start from this month. It won’t be hard for me and I keep update this blog every month, that’s a great deal. πŸ™‚

So, I will show you my finished project for this August, and upload it before August 31, how’s that sounds? Great? Yay!!

Okay, see you soon ^^


Coin Purse

Coin Purse

Hello people, how are you today? Hope everybody’s fine. After long hiatus, I come back again. Yeah, I actually have done some projects but because a bit too lazy to update here also I got a job soon after graduation. So, I kinda think maybe later I update it. Lol.

Okay, this project it isn’t new, another coin purse. What is the different? Well, I use metal frame for this coin purse. Not really neat, I know, I just too excited to do it at first, and turned out to be like this 😦 I was hoping I can sew like someone who made it wonderfully from Craft Passion. Maybe I need more practice for this kind of sewing. Yeah, I will going to make it again! Tell me what you think about this project..ups, if you notice it, I use this batik fabric for the previous project. Seems I just have limited fabrics. Sigh! It just I don’t use my other fabrics. I still keep it for exciting project. Hihihi..

Happy Monday!! See you on my other updates! πŸ˜€

Coin Purse

Inside Coin Purse

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Hi all, happy new year πŸ˜€
It’s been quite long time, I didn’t write or sew. Why? Of course I tried to finish my thesis, and I did. Yay, I graduated! I was so happy. Now, I think I’ve to finish my projects that I’ve told you before. Yeah, yeah, yeah, takes time, but sure I’ll finish it soon.

Okay, just wait for my new projects..and I was thinking to give you all a surprise for New Year and my graduation. Uhm, I don’t want to tell it now, it’s not surprise anymore if I tell you.

So have fun with your New Year’s day!! πŸ˜€

Recycled Handkerchief into Make-up Pouch

Recycled Make-up Pouch

Recycled Make-up Pouch


Hello again πŸ˜€ Today I just finished one of my previous project I told you before. Remember that I wanted to make one recycle project, one remake project and two newest projects. So, I had finished one newest project and I posted it on previous post. Now, I want to show you my recycle project. Here it goes..

This was my mother’s handkerchief. Pretty isn’t it? She got it from Japan, I’m not even sure the label, it seems Kenzo or something. And it’s ripped off. I saw it and asked her to give it to me as a project. She said, “what would you do with that? It can’t be use anymore as a handkerchief.” So I told her, don’t worry, I have an idea for it. Then, she gave it to me. Hmm, many ideas to do with this. But I want to make her handkerchief to be useful for her again.

Handkerchief label

handkerchief label

I know she has lots of make-up pouches. But this will be special make-up pouch for her because it’s from her handkerchief and it’s recycled. Save money for the new pouch πŸ˜€ I added Β the pink zipper because it’s looks good with the color of the roses and yellow fabric as the lining. Nice combination, isn’t it?


Lining-Recycled make-up pouch

Anything Case

Ola, I post my finished project. Yeah it’s a previous projects, still it’s a case. I like to sew case. This case can be anything case, made from light brown polkadot fabric and the lining is made from blue checked fabric. I made this covered button manually as I don’t have a covered button kit like Fitria has or the easy one like Lia has. Hihi, finally I can made it πŸ˜€ and I don’t care when my sister said it wasn’t quite neat :P. Β Sure I want to buy it, I saw on Artfire there’s a covered button kit with a different size of button for $3 or $2, it’s simple one look like Lia has. Hmm, I think I’ll buy it later as the shipping isn’t pricey too.

Actually I made this case to use it as a wallet. Β But then I changed my mind, as I need a pencil case. So I turned into a pencil case, well just turned the function of this case, from wallet into pencil and notes case. I called it Anything Case because I can turn the function as I like :P.

Inside case

Look here’s the note, post it, pencil, pens in it. What do you think?

Anything Case

Back of the caseAs you can see the back of the case there’s a label I put. Right, that’s my label, called Kesthi, it’s a part of my name :). All of my handmade project I put it with that label. Why I made that label? That’s another story, I’ll tell you about it later πŸ˜‰

Fabric Fabric Fabrics

Hi, how’s everybody’s doing? I just have cleaned my wardrobe. It’s not in my room, because it’s larger one and not fit in it. Do you know what I found in it beside my clothes? Yup yup yup..FABRICS..It’s still in good condition. I asked my mom who’s own the fabric, she said it’s belong to my father. So I asked her again, can I have it for my project, she said sure. I’ve found also plain fabrics white and black, I think that will be good for background :D. Β I was so happy found it and have many ideas to do. Can’t wait..can’t wait..:P

I continued to clean the wardrobe and found an old bed sheet, it’s so vintage with a rose on it, I really like it. Just needs to wash it because there’s bit a dirt on it. Suddenly I have an idea to make it as a curtain for my window and my sister’s window. So, I asked my mom again, can I use it for a curtain. At first, she seemed doesn’t give permission, so I looked at her with a begging eyes, lol :P, and she said yes. Even I know she wants to keep it because the bed sheet is a very high quality fabric. Yeah, I believe old fabric always has a good quality. You probably realize that this fabric I used as a background for my card purse picture. Yeah, you’re right, I just had a time to tell a story about this fabric today. πŸ™‚


Hello Kitty Fabric

Then my journey to clean isn’t done yet, I cleaned my bookshelf, that I used to put anything in it, lol. And do you know what I found? Sure, it’s fabrics again. Seemed that day I’ve got lots of treasure πŸ˜› . It’s just piece of fabric maybe like fat quarter (haven’t measure it yet), I found two fabrics, one is red hello kitty (sorry for bad picture) and the other one is black checked fabric. Β I’m not sure there’s anyone sell hello kitty fabric anymore, Β I was so happy to have this fabric.

Lots of ideas for project on my mind, as my previous projects haven’t finished yet. I think I should have to list which one have to be done fast. Okay, see ya to my next project and thanks for visit me πŸ™‚

3 Zippers Batik Wallet

Hi all, how’s everybody’s going? Hope fine and happy πŸ˜€
Oh yeah, I finished this project longer than I expected, lol. Making a wallet with 3 zippers on it took time and energy. This is a wallet for my sister, SuMeong (let’s we call her like that :P). Β She said one day that she wanted to have a wallet with 3 zippers, of course she’s been looking through stores and malls, but she couldn’t find it. So, I said I think I can make it (lol, sometimes I over confident :P). She smiled and asked that she wanted the wallet to have a handle (she seems handle lover).

Wallet made from Batik

Wallet made from Batik

The project began, I made a draft or sketch or pattern (anything you can say, but I call it drawing). Made a measurement, so that the money fit in it. Bought the zippers, beads and cord for the handle. Start to cut the fabric, sew it. Then, when I wanted to added the zippers, I confused. How to attach it easily and neat? 3 weeks went by, one day when I was working on my thesis, suddenly the idea came. Ting! (That’s how sounded in my mind :P) . The adrenaline came back, so, I started to sew it again. When I finished it, I was very happy and showed it to my sister. Then she said, where’s the handle? Duh, I forgot to attach it on it. Also if I broke in it, it will ripped apart and takes time, so, I just attached it on zipper (I think I was lazy to do it again, open the stitches and so forth). Here’s the wallet. Not very good, I know, but I’m happy with it and think I can make it better next time :D.

Wallet made from Batik

Anyway, I have made three things for SuMeong which are Ipod Pouch, Little Pouch and 3 zippers Batik Wallet. I have another sister, let’s call her NahNah. I promised her to make something, three things too. Well, I will post it later. Wait and see. See ya πŸ™‚